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SG15 - Side Mount

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- The Side-mount model is designed for applications requiring under mounting on the side of a container chassis rather than in the centre.

- It included a separate 90L fuel tank and optional quick connect / disconnect mounting arms to further simplify application.

- It is a completely welded steel structural assembly designed to withstand minimum 5g's acceleration forces in all directions.

- The forklift pockets are provided at the bottom of the generator set.

For years, Ever Power has been leading the way in making more efficient, reliable units available to all customers.

- The SG15 series reefer genset is the result of years of experience in designing and maintaining units for different climatic and operational conditions.

- The durable genset benefits from the most advanced technology and a highly reliable design.

- And, a low emission, reliable source of electric power for refrigerated containers, no matter the ambient temperature or cargo type.


- Steel frame with extensive steps cleaning finished in power-coated steel and aluminum fin radiator
- Microprocessor controller with full genset protection
- Advanced engine technology feature an innovative high pressure injection pump
- High efficiency generator featuring robust design, stable voltage control and premium corrosion protection
- Oil bath type air filter, easy for cleaning and maintenance 
- Spin-on, selt-evacuating fuel filter with extended maintenance interval


- Provides extended corrosion resistance in harsh environments
- Assures easy of use and service
- The guarantee of a long term investment
- Greater efficiency, reliability and corrosion resistance
- Improved filtering capacity for a longer engine life and extended maintenance intervals
- Reduced maintenance costs, improved uptime and extended engine life

SG15 - Side-mount Series

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