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UG15 - Underslung

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- The underslung / center-mount generator set is designed for center-mounting to the chassis with quick disconnect clips for easy installation and removal.

- It is a completely welded steel structural assembly designed to withstand minimum 5g's acceleration forces in all directions.

- The forklift holes provided at the bottom of the generator set.

- It has an integral 180L fuel tank.

For years, Ever Power has been leading the way in making more efficient, reliable units available to all customers.

- The UG15 series reefer genset is the result of years of experience in designing and maintaining units for different climatic and operational conditions.

- The durable genset benefits from the most advanced technology and a highly reliable design.

- And, a low emission, reliable source of electric power for refrigerated containers, no matter the ambient temperature or cargo type.


- Steel frame with extensive steps cleaning finished in power-coated steel and aluminum fin radiator
- Microprocessor controller with full genset protection
- Advanced engine technology feature an innovative high pressure injection pump
- High efficiency generator featuring robust design, stable voltage control and premium corrosion protection
- Oil bath type air filter, easy for cleaning and maintenance 
- Spin-on, selt-evacuating fuel filter with extended maintenance interval


- Provides extended corrosion resistance in harsh environments
- Assures easy of use and service
- The guarantee of a long term investment
- Greater efficiency, reliability and corrosion resistance
- Improved filtering capacity for a longer engine life and extended maintenance intervals
- Reduced maintenance costs, improved uptime and extended engine life

UG15 - Underslung / Center-Mount Series


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