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ALT224 Series


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ALT224 series AC Synchronous Brushless Generator

Power range: 34KW to 70KW

Frequency: 50HZ or 60HZ

Voltage: 190V-690V

Power factor: 0.8 lagged or 1

Phase number: single or three phase

Pole number: 4


Standard Features

Comply with the most common standard in terms of GB755, IEC60034, BS5000, VDE0530, CSA22.2-100

Single or double bearings are available,options for all kinds of adaptors and disc plates

12-end reconnectable winding terminals to get different voltages

Standard "H" insulation class

Convenient installation and maintenance for lead-end rotated diodes and adaptor connected bolts

Standard sealed maintenance-free bearings

Standard IP23 protection, optional severe environment protection

Optional auxiliary winding in excitation system


The generators have been designed for use in a maximum ambient temperature of 40degree and
altitude less than 1000m above sea level
All generators are 4-pole ones
Extended range voltage can be got from single windings or from 12-leads adjusted


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